Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maritime walk

Note: I am posting this to Camera Critters  (thank you, Misty!) and also to Saturday's Critters.  (thank you, Eileen!)

Bill planned our outing yesterday.  It began, as all outings do, with Black Jack sitting on his shoes.  She affords me the same privilege, but only if I tie mine before or after Bill.  If we tie-up simultaneously, Bill is the honoured one.  
Got the right food covered
and now..
..for the left.  What are you looking at?
 Tupper arrived the minute we stepped into the park across the street.
Thank you.  Very nice of you to share Black Jack's treats.
I like them sunny-side-up.
I wonder if any readers have seen a seagull with a tail pointing up.  It is interesting to talk to some of the people in the area.  Most are surprised when I point out Tupper's claim to fame but one gentleman told me he has been watching Tupper for a while.  When I told him I'd given Tupper a name, he replied, "Ah, he's just a bird."  He was a bit embarrassed to show his interest but there was no hiding it.  There was also one little boy who warmed my heart when he noticed Tupper's tail on his own and called to his mother to share his discovery.  He and his mom were delighted when I told them Tupper's name.    
Hate to eat and run but.. see you later
 We walked along the False Creek path as far as the Burrard Bridge.  I thought I saw critters..
 along the water's edge,though I couldn't identify them.
A dad and his son were watching this heron.  We saw many dads with their kids.  It was the perfect day..  some sun, some cloud, some wind, no rain.
 These pigeons were under the dock where we waited for the False Creek Ferry.
 We took the ferry to the Maritime Museum stop.  It is a slightly longer ride than our usual trips to Granville Island,and there's a bit more open water, so a nice change for us. Can you see the tiny False Creek ferry  among all the other ocean liners and sailboats as it approaches?
 I used only my big lens for this outing, as I haven't quite figured out a solution to repair the small one.  The boat is small, so I had to make do with a head shot of handsome Bill, and that, only by sitting as far from him as I could manage.
 When we stepped off the ferry, this heron appeared.  A gentleman by the dock was working on his boat.  He called out, "Hi Cocoa."  Cocoa suddenly spread her feathers in what I am convinced was a response to his greeting.
 We walked up to an embankment and from there, could see the dogs and their humans playing in their assigned area on the beach.
It would be hard to find..
much more glee..
 than this.
 Hm..  what have we here?
Oh no you don't!
 I will carry my treasure to safety.
 From our vantage point, and with my huge lens, I could only show a tiny bit of the rigging of The North Star of Herschel Island.  She was built in San Francisco in 1935 and was the last sailing ship to be involved in the Arctic Fur Trade.  I loved seeing the ship though its cargo in its hey day would have made me very sad. 
 There were a few relics of marine life to see..
 as we made our way past blossoming trees..
 and Vanier Park art.
"Gate to the Northwest Passage" by Alan Chung Hung
I've admired that sculpture a few times, but yesterday, I thought it looked like a person standing with his legs crossed and feet turned outwards.  I asked Bill to mimic that stance and thought he did rather well.
What I go through to make a woman happy...
From across the water, I was able to get a full view of the "North Star of Herschel Island."
We stopped at the eagle tree, but so far, there are no eggs in the nest.
 It was hard to ignore..
the colour..
all about us.
 On the one side of us, False Creek harbour and on the other side, some manmade ponds..
 with waterfowl and water plants sharing space.
 This bench by a pond, meant for people to rest a while, had found a better use.
 With my long lens, I was able to stay a good distance away, but the expression here suggested I might well have backed up further, perhaps right into False Creek.. to make the rightful inhabitants of the area happy.
 We caught the aquabus at Granville Island and I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph our apartment building through the plastic windows of the boat.  There's the ferry stop and ramp up to the park.
 Tupper met us as we reached the top of the ramp.  Talk about full circle :)
Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and fun-filled weekend.  If you have any spare minutes, perhaps you will stop by Camera Critters and/or Saturday's Critters.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nanitch Nawitka

I drew the Chinook jargon words "Nanitch" and "Nawitka" out of Henry Tsang's Welcome to the Land of Light art installation to create an "N" theme for ABC Wednesday that translates as "See indeed."  Can one see one's thoughts indeed?  My photos taken between Sunday and Thursday might answer that question.  I'm linking them up for the first time with a new meme (for me) called Friday Photo Journal.

Here's a larger piece of Henry Tsang's work.  It travels around a path that I have walked almost every day since moving to the False Creek area a few years ago.  Sometimes, I love to ponder its words and sometimes, I just like to feel its familiarity.   
This Canada Goose flew over as Bill and I were checking out my camera that had dropped onto the carpet because I had forgotten to zip my camera bag closed.  That happened just as we were ready to go for our walk. So far, so good. The large lens caught this goose..
and a cormorant..
 and this Bushtit.
I thought I could Nanitch Nawitka the determination, or was it resignation, on the faces of these dragon boat students, as their instructors asked them to work as a team.
We discover that my small lens is broken.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  In the next few days, I will have to pay a visit to a repair shop.  In the meantime, if I back far away, I can still catch Bill and Black Jack with the 150-500.
I suddenly Notice a tiny bit of plastic that has fallen from the rim of the small lens. I am devastated at the thought of its injury. Black Jack checks for treats..
and thinks it is time to..
remind Bill that there are more important things in life than broken cameras.
 I Nanitch Nawitka that she is right, and catch..
 a few blooms with my big lens as we walk homeward.
That Night, I head outside after midnight, hoping to take some photos of the eclipse.  There is heavy cloud cover and I have to search quite a while to find the moon, let alone photograph it.  I do finally see a hint of red behind a cloud and take Note of one bright star..  perhaps Mars?  No tripod, the moon is too faint to catch, and the star slips in and out of clouds.  I capture only a few sqiggles..
 that make me ridiculously happy.
This squiggle looks like a ring and I think of the one my sister sent me.  There is a strong wind and Black Jack and I shiver but we both nanitch nawitka that we had fun.   
I think it was the next day that Bill stood with me just as the rain had stopped.
 The flowers had slurped up what they could and were letting the extra droplets rest a while.
 Vancouver gardeners have been busy.
 They know the sun will soon come out.
Yesterday, Bill and I took the Aquabus across False Creek to Granville Island.  My little lens continues to try its best, but it is very hobbled.  I need to detach and reattach it between almost every shot.  It catches the rain and the Granville Bridge through the plastic windows of the little ferry that takes us across the water.
It is pouring rain, but we stand under a Granville Island roof to catch a shot of the greenery by the bridge.  We continue up Granville, along Fir and make a right on 5th, heading for the Fifth Avenue movie theatre to see Cas and Dylan.  The link will take you to a trailer that will pretty much make seeing the movie unnecessary.  I know it was supposed to be sad, but I didn't cry.  Richard Dreyfuss is a fine actor but he doesn't appear to be comfortable as Cas.  Bill and I nanitch nawitka that even a disappointing movie gives us food for thought.  We have delicious soup at a lovely little restaurant, walk home in pouring rain over the Burrard Bridge, and read another few pages of People of the Book. This adds up to a good day. 

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog.  I hope you may find time to stop by ABC Wednesday and Friday Photo Journal to read posts by other "N" thinkers and photographers.  Thank you so much to the dedicated people who keep these memes running so successfully!  I hope you Nanitch many fun things Nawitka on the weekend.